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The Alchemy of Joy-Full Loving

A Weekend Playshop Retreat for Couples.

Have you ever felt there must be more to connection, loving and relationship?

Then join me in a heart opening, fun-filled and deeply gratifying weekend of deep intimate connection with your beloved and your inner beloved - connecting, playing, and learning ancient Tantra secrets.

What did the ancient teachers of old know about sexual loving that can enhance our modern Western world’s intimacy and loving? A LOT! We will cover many, many ways to keep love and delight flourishing in your intimate relationship – to rekindle that “honeymoon glow” and keep it glowing.

We will learn many techniques to create more loving energy in your relationship. You will find that these practices enliven all of your energies - which then splash out into your everyday life – creating more love, abundance, laughter, energy, sensuality, and just plain "aliveness".

Many topics and practices will be presented to enrich your collective brilliance of loving intimacy and sexual wisdom. Some of these include:

- Learning the language of love with your partner

- 1,001 movements of love sharing techniques

- Heart to heart loving

- The finer esoteric aspects of kissing – Ohhh, lala!

- Answer the question, “Can men really have multiple orgasms?”

- Learning more about the mysterious limitless feminine energy called Shakti

- Increasing orgasmic potential

- Sexual awakening and healing practices for both men and women

- Loving ways for our bodies

- Stretching, dancing and short meditations

- Group ceremonies to enhance our ability to love

- Ancient and contemporary techniques to transmit and activate Shakti

- Lots of laughter, tears and hugs

My intention for this weekend is for you to learn to connect deeply with your beloved on an intimate, energetic, and very fulfilling sexual way rarely found in today’s world.

Past graduates have described it as a life changing weekend! As one grad exclaimed:

“If you are unfamiliar with tantra yoga, it is basically exercises, activities and thinking that bring a couple together more intimately (heavy emphasis on the intimacy!). It is so incredible what she has to teach/share. It is fun, compelling and educational.

Jack and I were delighted with what we learned and how it has changed how we see ourselves individually and as a couple.”
(More quotes...)

Seminar will run from approximately 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM Friday, 9:30 - 6:00 PM Saturday & Sunday (with a 1.5 hour lunch break Saturday and Sunday)

There will be an optional “Home Play” assignment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights - so plan on it.

Wear loose comfortable clothing that is appropriate for yoga and stretching. I will provide floor chairs but you might want to bring a pillow to sit on, your juice or water and snacks.

This is an intense and exciting weekend. You may want to hold your stressful appointments until Monday afternoon so you may easily let yourself slide back into your everyday life.

Seminar held in a respectful, safe, clothed environment.

Past Grads have said:

"Incredible playshop that really emphasizes the spirituality and heart connection of sexuality--lots of humor and laughter while at the same time being highly respectful of each individual and his/her privacy. Completely safe environment. Totally magical experience." ~Y.N.

"This was a very bonding experience for me and my beloved and was an incredible healing experience for me." --LW

"I enjoyed the openness we shared with each other, the eye gazing, the laughing, becoming closer with my partner and watching Diane's light shine." ~L.S.

“This weekend taught me a way to form a true connection with my partner that is playful, sensual, trusting and will continue to enlighten us throughout our life together.” ~C.A.

“This playshop provided me and my beloved a path forward for exploring how we can become reconnected (after 30 years of marriage), and the with the prospect of becoming connected in ways we have not experienced before.” ~M.P.

"I appreciate Diane's ability to communicate. She is composed, graceful, and I'm thankful I got to know her. I can see clearer now." ~C.B.


The Alchemy of Living From Passion

A Women's Tantra Course

I invite you to join me in a fun-filled and deeply gratifying day with other women - interacting, playing, and learning some of the ancient Tantra secrets of the divine temple women of old, the Dakinis.

This day is designed to bring forward your high, pure, joyful, positive energy using tantra and the synergy of the group. The next step is to learn some of the ancient and contemporary tantra practices to call upon your own energies and then sustain it in your everyday life - to create more love, abundance, laughter, energy, sensuality, and just plain "aliveness".

Many techniques will be used to enrich your collective brilliance of feminine love and wisdom. Some of these include:

- Dance and movement

- White Tantra yoga and short meditations

- Circle group healing ceremonies to experientially heal women's issues

- Deep, grounded, truthful discussions on tantra, sensuality, extending orgasm, and creating deep heart connections

- Ancient and contemporary techniques to transmit and activate Shakti (life force)

- Lots of laughter, tears and hugs

My intention is that this is a “re-membering” - what it means to walk in our highest state of being - as women - connected to ourselves - connected to our spiritual path - connected to those we love.

Classes run from approximately 9:30 - 5:30 (depending on hours of facility)(Bring your lunch and we can all eat together.

Wear loose comfortable clothing that is appropriate for yoga and stretching.
Bring something to share with the group that is heartfelt for you - pictures, poems, music, artwork, etc.


Tantra for MEN – Taught by a Woman

Make the love you’ve always wanted! This is a day to expand your “love quotient”!

Hear a woman talk frankly and openly about sexuality, women and your connection to them – how to love them, pleasure them, be close and intimate with them.

Acquire ways to awaken and explore pleasurable realms rarely imagined.

Rev-up your Multi-Orgasmic experience! Hear Sexual Loving Secrets even your woman may not know … awnd more!

Wear comfortable clothes suitable for yoga or stretching.

No nudity, explicit activity, or weird stuff.

Intermediate Tantra - No Information Available Yet