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e-sensuals pillows - Jule MacGregor's Pillow Talk website - She manufactures and sells pillows to reduce the body stress when making love, receiving body work and when performing sexual healing. I prefer to call these "Body Bumpers" and I just know they will be a hit with my sexually alive brothers and sisters over 50.

Joy FULL Loving - Juey Ann MacLeod - Alberta. Highly recommended healer and Spiritual Sexuality Teacher in every respect.

Sensual Wisdom - Jade Beaty - Denver, CO - fire woman - experientially teaches in-depth spiritual soul approach to healing sexuality and relationship. Recommended without reservation.

Yuriko Nishimura Gallery - Santa Fe, NM. My favorite erotic stone sculptor. I get to be "step-mother" to some of the sculptures sometimes. I love it. - A bare-bones website showing some of my art, design, websites and photography.

The Clitoris - One of the best sites for "un-hyped" information about the gspot, female ejaculation and feminine anatomy that I have seen. The "links" page alone is worth a look. Also has a great store with MANY interesting books, videos and novelties.